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Multi-award-winning, non-chill-filtered, Konwa-blended, natural Japanese botanicals and top quality rice spirit


KI NO BI SEI Kyoto Dry Gin

Our interpretation of a traditional British Navy Strength gin, KI NO BI SEI

is made using the same intricate production method as the original KI NO BI with 11 botanicals distilled in six distinct flavour categories, or Elements: the final blend has been recalibrated by our distilling team to bring out the best of each botanical at maximum intensity.


Tasting comment

The higher strength allows the distinctive taste of KI NO BI’s flavour profile to prevail. At first, it is punchy on the palate but retains KI NO BI’s trademark purity and harmony in perfect balance. An outstanding gin for cocktails.


Rice Spirit, Juniper, Orris, Hinoki, Yuzu, Lemon, Tea, Ginger,  

Red Shiso, Bamboo leaves, Sansho Pepper, Sansho leaves


Made with the finest Japanese teas sourced from one of Uji’s most historic tea growers and blenders.


Captain Tristram Speedy whose colourful expeditions spanned a good part of the 19th century was a decorated commander born in India whose life of exploration and military triumphs left a distinct imprint in the colonial story of Africa and Asia. The trails of his explotis had illuminated his name in the rich historical annals of the Abyssinian Empire, known today as Ethiopia, the Indian region, and the bustling Straits of Settlement in Malaya.  A swashbuckling adventurer in service to the British Crown, Speedy lived up to his namesake as he pursued and seized turmoil where it arose in the region. His leadership in bringing order to chaos earned him the Indian Mutiny, Punjad and Eufoszai medals, as well as favour with the Abyssinian emperor who tasked the captain with training his imperial army.  Even after matters got worse and he had to flee for his life from the Abyssinians, Captain Speedy took up the role of the guardian to the son of the emperor who had died at the hand of the British. The winds that carried him to Malaya saw him raise and commandeer Indian troops into the heat of the Larut Wars, stamping order to a decade-long conflict in Larut.  A rogue spirit with a heart of honour, the enterprising Speedy was also known for his captivating, multi-faceted personality borne of exposure to cultures aplenty. Adventure was the home of this character, a globe-trotter that charts his own path of success for self and country, a trailblazer awash in the steamy tropical winds and swirling seas of the British frontier to the East.  The spirit of adventure captured in the feats of Captain Tristram Speedy is warmly encased in the light embers of Timah, a name which represents the enduring symbol of enterprise in Malayan history that led to cascades of development for the country at the dawn of the 20th century.  Unassuming notes for the nose make for an esay welcome to this dram, as a faintly floral flavour starts and is caravanned through for a breezy smooth finish. Before the taste of this light palate, a robust intensity greets the senses with a playful thrill before subduing into a sweet lingering warmth. Timah is imbued with a gentle tropical fruit peatiness that stays bright without undue intensity.  Timah Whiskey ,Malaysia first double peated blended whiskey, Awarded Silver winner in SanFrancisco World Spirit Award in year 2020