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Dassai Hayata 720ml
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DASSAI 23 Hayata. By pasteurizing sake, enzymes and yeasts are deactivated, thus improving the preservation of the sake.

This technique has been known among toji (master brewers) since the end of the Muromachi period (1336-1573) when it was known as nizake. It was then further refined and developed into a technique known as hi-ate, which has made sake one of the world’s rarest preservative-free alcoholic beverages.

Furthermore, at Asahi Shuzo we are not afraid of the high cost of heat pasteurization: after filling the bottles at a low temperature (below 5°C), we use a hot water shower method to heat pasteurize our sake and then immediately cool it down to minimize the damage caused by the heat to the sake.

However, even with the most careful heat sterilization, it is still inevitable that the heat would alter the quality of the sake, but by adding micro-bubbled* carbon dioxide to the sake, it is now possible to achieve the same results in less than 15 seconds at 65°C.

Country Japan
Size 0.72 Litre
Packaging Details Bottle 72cl
Consumption Tips  
Alcohol level 16%
Tasting Notes Very fine bubbles give it a touch of fizziness.
Notes of Williams pear and white pepper underline its tension and carry a superlative finish.